Enrollment & Registration Fee

The payment of your Application and Registration fee covers your enrollment in the degree program as well as application fees. All courses require students to complete a book report in order to receive their grade for the course. There are no exams given.

Tuition Financing

Rhema Bible Institute is an institution of biblical and theological study. RBI offers students the ability to pursue their studies by a course-by-course manner, alleviating excessive financial strain and monthly payments. However, Tuition Financing does not apply to the LED Program.

Payment plans

Due to the low cost of tuition offered for our degree programsRBI only offers 6-month payment plans for all degree programs. All tuition is due by the first of each month. Students who are more than 30 days late paying their tuition will be dropped from their degree program. The cost of materials is not included in the tuition cost listed below.

Associates Degree: $1,500.00 ($250.00 per month)
Bachelor’s Degree: 
$2,000.00 (333.34 per month)
Masters Degree: 
$2,500.00 ($416.67 per month)
Doctorate Degree: 
$3,000.00 ($500.00 per month)

*Students who pay their tuition in full upfront will be given a 20% discount off of the total amount of their tuition*

Other Fees
Enrollment Fee: 
Graduation Fee: 
Transcript Fee: 
Custom Frame: $100.00
Dissertation and Thesis Fee: 

Degree via Portfolio Assessment:

Life Experience Degree Program: Students age 35 and older are free to take the Portfolio Assessment Evaluation to determine the student’s status and academic standing based on prior learning, practical experience, books read and seminars/symposiums attended. The Life Experience Assessment fee is $100.00, which is due and payable at the time the student submits his/her portfolio for assessment. Upon review, the Board of Regents will make its determination whether or not the student qualifies for credits awarded based on his or her ministry experience. If the Board of Regents votes favorably, the student will need to pay for the credits awarded along with the tuition amount for the degree that they qualify for. Contact us for more information on the cost and the qualifications of the LED Program.