Academic Policies:

Rhema Bible Institute is a leader in online and distance education. We are members of several Ecclesiastical Accrediting Associations and have received the endorsement and recognition of several denominations, church groups, and fellowships.

While we maintain that we are an openly Christian school of higher learning, we offer our students the opportunity to apply what they have already learned and accomplished through prior study, personal study, professional experience and guided learning towards their education through the LED Program.

Our beliefs system is simple:

  • God is the eternal Creator and Sustainer and Provider of all things. He created the universe, man and all things in it.
  • Jesus Christ is the only-begotten, virgin-born Son of the Father, the Son of God according to the flesh and the very God according to the Spirit. He lived a sinless life, shed His blood for our sin, rose from the grave, ascended into heaven, and will return to the earth. He is the Lord and only Mediator between God and man, our Savior.
  • The Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness, and judgment; in believers, the Holy Spirit affects the new birth, indwells, fills, empowers, bestows gifts, instructs and guides.
  • Salvation is God’s grace received through personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • All men will be resurrected in the body; the saved unto life, and the lost unto damnation
  • Believers have spiritual unity in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The Bible is the inspired, infallible, authoritative, preserved Word of God.

General Course Requirements:

The following outline represents typical class assignments associated with the required text(s) for a given course:

  1. Write a minimum of two-three paragraphs on each chapter of the required text, more if appropriate (there is no limit), summarizing the key points of each chapter. In some cases, especially for lengthy texts, only specifically specified chapters need to be addressed. These will be spelled out in a special course study guide, along with other possible unique elements, when such courses are selected. All other courses will follow the “General Course Requirements.” The chapter Number and Title should be identified at the beginning of the first paragraph for each chapter.

It is our hope that you will “interact” with the author in each course at RBI. Reflection, comment and critique, personal or otherwise, are a marvelous way to grow. That is our hope. We don’t expect an individual to just “absorb” what the author is saying. Listen to what the author says, and then engage and/or challenge them.

  1. Write a three to five page paper on a major theme of interest to you directly related to the reading you have done in the course.
  2. For non-introductory courses, in place of options 1 & 2, you may write a 10-15 page paper summarizing the significant points on the theme of the author, demonstrating your specific familiarity with the text.
  3. Finally, write a one page paper on how this course might help you in your life or ministry.

Once this writing assignment has been submitted (and all parts must be submitted at the same time in a single document), you will receive an evaluation and grade for that course. At the time of submission, you can determine, for each individual course, whether you want to be evaluated on a Pass/Fail basis or on a letter grade (A-F) basis. In order to receive a grade point average for your degree, more than half of your courses taken at RBI need to have been evaluated on a letter grade basis.

The course assignments, when completed, should be submitted online via e-mail to the Director of Studies at Submissions may be in Word, RTF, TXT, PDF format or (especially for Apple users).

Specific detailed instructions on how to accomplish the above will be provided to you by RBI when you register, either for a course or for a specific degree program. Any special needs of the student will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

RBI Degree Programs are not structured by semesters. Students may complete their degree program by working at their own pace. However, each student is required to complete their coursework within 8 to 16 weeks. The student will be contacted by an academic advisor should it take them longer than 16 weeks to complete a course.

Credit System:

Rhema Bible Institute operates on a credit hour system.

Course Completion Date:

Each student is allowed to complete each course at his or her own rate of progress.

Grading System:

Quality Points

Academic Honors:

All honors (if applicable) will appear on the official transcript only. No honors will appear on the degree earned by the student.

Required GPA
Academic Honor
3.95 – 4.00
Summa Cum Laude
3.75 – 3.94
Magna Cum Laude
3.50 – 3.74
Cum Laude

Grade Appeal Process:

If a student feels that there is an error on his grade report, he must begin the appeal process within thirty days of receiving the grade report. After thirty days the grade is considered final and is not subject to appeal by the student or any third party.

Rhema Bible Institute is not responsible for lost tests, projects, etc. Please be sure to make a copy of all material prior to submitting material to Rhema Bible Institute for grading or evaluation.

Dropping/Adding Courses:

If there is a specific problem with the course content, the Registrar’s Office of Rhema Bible Institute should be notified immediately.

Course Repeating Policy:

Students desiring to repeat a course for the purpose of having the first grade removed from the cumulative grade point average must follow these procedures:

  1. A course may be repeated once at no additional charge if the student receives a grade of less than “C”
  2. A course may be repeated for an additional charge if the student receives a “C” or higher.
  3. The second grade, in all circumstances, replaces the first grade for the purpose of calculating the cumulative grade point average.

Any student receiving an “F” or “I” must contact the Registrar’s Office for further instructions. No student will be allowed to graduate with an “F” or “I” in a required course. Any undergraduate student receiving three “F’s” will be placed on academic probation. Any graduate student receiving two “F’s” will be placed on academic probation.

Course Selection:

If a student has completed a course that is required in his or her program of study, the student may request a change of course. The student must have received a grade of “C” or better on the previously completed course, and the course must have been offered on the same level (i.e.. Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) as the required RBI course. RBI reserves the right to require any course regardless of a student’s previous courses.

Graduation Requirements:

Associates Degree requires the completion of 60 credits

Bachelors Degree requires the completion of 120 credits or 60 credits above the Associates Degree

Masters Degree – program specific requirements

Doctorate Degree – program specific requirements<

Graduation Approval:

The Office of the Registrar must approve all candidates applying for graduation. Contact the Office of the Registrar to apply for graduation.


The format of RBI transcripts is as follows:

  1. All courses taken at RBI will be listed with course number, course name, course grade, course hours, and quality points.
  2. All transfer hours will be listed by total hours transferred into and accepted by RBI. No course names, course numbers, or grades will appear for transfer hours.
  3. Degree earned and date of program completion will appear on each transcript.
  4. Honors earned, if any, will appear on a transcript.
  5. No alterations will be made to transcript formats by RBI. The format is fixed for all students.
  6. No transcript will be issued until all financial, administrative, and academic requirements have been fully met by the student.

All students requesting transcripts must request the transcript in writing, including a handwritten signature. Requests must be received by traditional mail. (No e-mail or faxed requests will be accepted).

Financial Policies:

Application & Enrollment Fee:

The initial payment of $100.00 serves as the application fee and is non-refundable.


RBI is a tuition-based institute of biblical higher learning. All payments for Registration Fees and Course Enrollments should be made payable to Rhema Bible Institute. For convenience, tuition payments may be made online with any major credit card.

However, for those who must submit their payment via postal service, RBI will accept Postal Money Orders in US Funds only, made payable to Rhema Bible Institute. Mailed payments should be sent to:


Unpaid/Past Due Accounts:

No information will be released for accounts that are in poor standing. To remain in good standing, a student must simply be current on all payments to RBI. Those not in good standing are not eligible for transcripts, degrees, grade reports, etc. Late fees may be assessed to the student’s account.


NOTE: All fees paid to RBI are non-refundable.

Returned Checks:

A student will be charged $25.00 for each check returned due to insufficient funds.


Any student with an outstanding balance wishing to withdraw from a program will forfeit all moneys paid to RBI.

Current Discounts

Dual Program – Ask a counselor for information.

Payment In Full – Ask a counselor for information

Registration Fee Payment Options:

For those living in USA

(a) Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)

(b) Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) can be accepted through the RBI web site. Once your online application is received and processed you will receive an email from Rhema Bible Institute containing information for payment via credit card online.

(c) Postal Money Order or Certified Check made payable to: Rhema Bible Institute

For those living outside of USA

The contribution should be sent in one of the following ways in U.S. Dollars

(a) Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)

(b) Bank Transfer – Details will be furnished upon request (restrictions apply)

(c) Western Union/MoneyGram – contact us for specific information concerning this mode of payment

(d) International Postal Money Order or Certified Check in USD made payable to: Rhema Bible Institute

If the contribution cannot be sent in one of the above ways, you may suggest for our approval, any other mode of payment, which is possible and acceptable to you.

The minimum contribution that is applicable to the degree program, in which you want to join, should be sent along with your application or at the same time. Your application will be processed, and the Admission Letter will be sent only after the receipt of your payment.

A Special Note to all Prospective Students of Rhema Bible Institute:

Since the amount of Contribution you will be making to Rhema Bible Institute is a fairly low amount compared to the amount paid as fees charged by a Bible College in U.S.A. or any other country, please do not request or apply for any Scholarship or Concession, and any such requests made will not be entertained or replied to.

If you will take the time to go through all the sections on our website, you will find the answers to most of the questions that you may have.

Graduation Fee:

RBI now requires all students to make a minimum contribution towards receiving their degree in the amount of $100.00, which will offset the cost associated with graduating. Each graduating student will receive 1 sealed transcript, 1 unsealed, 1 degree, a diploma cover, 1 verification letter from the Registrar, 1 verification fax form, 1 award of academic excellence if so earned. For those who desire to attend the Commencement Exercise, there will be a $100.00 walking-fee assessed, plus the cost of the purchase of your Cap, Gown and Hood.

Transcript Fees:

First transcript for a specific program: $10.00

Additional copy of transcript (same program): $15.00 each.